Our experienced senior team help our clients harness the potential of technology and innovation to thrive in this digital age. We enable organisations to deliver leaps in capabilities, efficiencies, and customer experience.

Digital Blueprint

Are you planning your Digital Transformation, want to quickly find the best solutions for your biggest spend areas, be able to validate the value, and go from ideation to value creation in 3 months? We provide a unique Digital Blueprint model that:

Leverages 20+ years of sector knowledge, a review of the top 50 spend areas, combined with a deep dive into the 1,300 LRG processes, identifying 40 core areas to transform

Has scoured the market for the most innovative leading solutions that can enable you to either pre-empt demand or manage demand in a new way ranging from predictive analytics (e.g. LAC), to electrical vehicle charging, to TEC in ASC.

Working with the providers to take their models further and remove as much friction (officer effort) as possible to make realisation of value as easy as possible.

Has defined the business Outcomes, the end customer Experience, and Efficiencies with pre-built the ROM business cases utilising publicly available data in the range of £10m to £30m net value.

We offer a 1 day facilitated workshop with the Corporate Management Team to evaluate the value potential of all 40 value propositions, followed by a 3 month Fast-Track validation stage to enable you to go from ideation to value creation at exceptional speed.

Digital and IT Strategy

Is your digital and/or IT strategy delivering your organisations strategic ambitions? Does it need a review, refresh or a route to deliver on its promise? Each strategy engagement will be tailored to your specific requirements and will address the following key questions;

How is digital changing your sector? What new offerings, operating models, and business models can it enable? How can it deliver your strategic ambitions?

What are the key principles that will shape and direct every decision to ensure alignment with your vision?

Which digital opportunities are consistent with your business strategy based on value potential – and with your ambition and capabilities? In what order should you pursue them?

What gaps in capabilities, organisation, and systems need to be filled to succeed?

What are the timelines, targets, and accountabilities for each of your programmes? What operating model changes are needed to deliver your digital vision?

Technology splits, mergers and acquisitions

Are you merging, or may be splitting businesses and need to define the optimal approach and plan to deliver rapid value and set yourself up to succeed? We can provide;

  • IT integration or split strategy, including options assessments based on risk appetite.
  • Definition of target operating models and organisational structures.
  • Target enterprise architecture models and delivery roadmaps.
  • Transition / transform detailed plans and deliverables.
  • Sourcing strategy (where required)
  • Operating model change programmes, including organisational comms, capability models and JDs.
  • Technology delivery, transition and change adoption programmes.
  • Governance and compliance support and assurance.
  • Sourcing oversight and technical delivery assurance. 
  • IT services benchmarking and optimisation.

Assured technology sourcing

Do you need support to define the right sourcing specification and approach? Do we need experienced leadership and assurance support for any/ all stages in the IT sourcing lifecycle to ensure that your strategic outcomes are achieved? We can provide support for each stage as follows;

  • Baselining of current service and/or sourcing model.
  • Defining target sourcing objectives and requirements with key stakeholders.
  • Work with stakeholders to design target sourcing solution.
  • Produce tender documentation, including specifications.
  • Establish sourcing governance and activities.
  • Support competitive tender process, including clarifications, evaluation and contractual/commercial negotiations.
  • Supplier management and assurance.
  • Delivery reviews, health checks and optimisation.

Cloud strategy and advisory

You are on the cloud journey – but are you maximising your investment and its benefits? Do you need someone to define, architect and measure the value of your cloud transformation initiatives? We can provide;

  • Current technology assessment
  • Technology vision, options assessment and target enterprise architecture
  • Technology roadmap, plan and delivery workstreams
  • Programme and portfolio design and governance, including benefit identification.
  • Sourcing strategy (where required)
  • Technology architecture assurance, configuration and deployment
  • Transition and change adoption programmes, including knowledge transfer
  • Programme/project delivery leadership, governance, and assurance
  • Programme, technology and/or security audit and assurance
  • Decommissioning, closure and ongoing adoption support

Dynamic Operating Models

Is your IT service operating model delivering customer centric services that are efficient, reliable and aligned to your business direction? Are your technology and people capabilities staying in step with technology, cloud services and business transformation? We can provide

  • Capability and maturity assessments
  • Strategy aligned operating models and organisational structures
  • Target enterprise architecture models and delivery roadmaps
  •  Sourcing strategy (where required)
  • Operating model change programmes, including organisational and process change.
  • Technology delivery, transition and change adoption programmes
  • Governance and compliance support and assurance
  • IT services benchmarking, optimisation and continuous improvement
  • IT value management

Application Rationalisation

Almost two-thirds of organisations report that they have too many applications. Has your application estate become complex and expensive to manage? Do you need greater insight and control over your application estate? We can provide;

  • Applications discovery.
  • Application rationalisation opportunity assessment.
  • Contracts review and opportunities assessment.
  • Enterprise architecture and/or application strategy.
  • Deliver enterprise applications repository, including all application information (eg capability, commercials, contracts, SLA’s, BC/DR requirements etc).
  • Applications reporting and analysis, including application capability gaps and opportunities for low-code application developments to meet business requirements.
  • Application rationalisation business case/s.
  • Application rationalisation programme / project management.
  • Review progress against applications rationalisation strategy. 
  • Opportunities review and assessment.


TVI is an approved supplier for the Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO) and Reed’s procurement solution, CONSULTANCY+ which gives you access to specialist skills through a legitimate procurement route. The framework provides the option to request a quotation/mini competition or to directly call off our services.

TVI is an approved supplier on the OJEU compliant Bloom (formerly NEPRO) Professional Services framework. This framework is run by the North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO) and allows our services to be commissioned quickly and effectively. The framework provides the option to request a quotation/mini competition or to directly call off our services

TVI is an accredited supplier on the Matrix Milestone framework. This provides a compliant, consistent route to market for the procurement of outcome focussed consultancy and professional services engagements. The framework provides the option to request a quotation/mini competition or to directly call off our services

TVI is an approved supplier with Comensura. This provides access to our resources through a vendor neutral MSP and services procurement management service

TVI is an approved supplier on the Constellia neutral vendor frameworks. This is a Neutral Vendor and/or Managed Service Provider for the Supply of Multi Specialism Services. The framework provides the option to request a quotation/mini competition or to directly call off our services

TVI services can also be procured through ESPO, who partner with YPO to deliver services through the YPO 1141 framework. This framework provides access to a single provider to procure consultancy and/or professional services. The framework provides the option to request a quotation/mini competition or to directly call off our services.

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