Our Purpose

 Triple Value Impact will give you the confidence to make the leap, ensuring you land with certainty and confidence in the delivery of your digital outcomes.

Who We Are

Business and technology leaders understand the potential of digital, but can struggle to cut through the marketing hype and veiled promises. Consistent themes we hear from customers are the need for an alternative approach: away from the traditional, overengineered delivery models which are consultancy heavy, fail to deliver the desired outcomes and lack real innovation.

We founded Triple Value Impact to provide a differentiated approach which is based on the principle of compressing the “time to value” for our customers. 

We enable our customers to succeed through understanding and championing their interests and bridging the gap between their ambitions and the delivery of their outcomes. 

We operate a one team philosophy, recognising that combining our respective talents provides the best results.

How we do that is by being laser focused on “moving the dial” for our customers. We believe customers are focused on three major dimensions, hence the name Triple Value Impact (TVI). These three dimensions are:

  • Outcomes : Setting ambitious goals & outcomes and being relentless in their delivery
  • Experiences : Transforming experiences for both customers and employees
  • Efficiency : Ensuring the optimal use of all resources

Success needs confidence and a clear vison of the end goal. Rapid progress leaps are enabled by harnessing our joint experience, creativity and being trusted partners for your journey. We will give you the confidence to make the leap, ensuring you land with certainty and confidence in the delivery of your digital outcomes.

We provide a fresh approach delivering industry and sector expertise, combined with leading- edge digital solutions. We accelerate your speed to value through our deep domain intelligence to deliver the “triple value impact” solutions our customers need. We are relentless in our focus, recognising our customers’ success and that of TVI are inextricably linked.

Our philosophy is not to want a large number of superficial relationships, but to cultivate deep and meaningful partnerships based on mutual respect and putting your outcomes and interests at the heart of everything we do.

Our Core Values

Our values shape the culture of our organisation and define how we engage and deliver for our  customers. We live the core values through our behaviours, and they underpin how we act, make decisions and deliver value

  • Caring – “We really give a s####” about our customers and the impact of our work
  • Progressive – both in keeping our customers current, but also in the manner we operate
  • Trustworthy – putting our customers interersts first at all times
  •  Relentless – in the delivery of our customers outcomes

How we will work with you

When we work with you, we follow these principles.

  • Delivering sustainable change underpins our approach
  • Helping to challenge and at the same time support
  • Working collaboratively and in partnership with you
  • Building capability in your organisation
  • Adapting to the appropriate pace of change for your culture
  • One team approach, working to one plan and one shared vision.
  • Bring our extensive experience to bear in service of delivering your outcomes



Client Testimonials

“I find the people at TVI want to understand the challenge and the outcome and want to really help and work with and support to deliver what is needed, rather than be a consultative organisation pitching from the sidelines. The approach is tailored to what we need and isn’t solved by some templated answer. I am working with an organisation with professionals I trust and know and I can have a different and more transparent conversation than I could with other organisations. If I was asked for three or four words - trusted, engaged, collaborative, honest.”
Simon Oliver
Consultant CIO
"What differentiates TVI is that they reflect a bit more. They are open to challenge. They are willing to tailor their approach. What TVI do is support us in making decisions. Having confidence in the decisions we are making is the bedrock of what we do."
Dave McNamara
London Borough of Havering Section 151 Officer
"Putting aside the depth of breadth and knowledge, it is about how they deal with individuals and stakeholders. They are real people, they aren’t consultant automatons you can see from other organisations. They really get to the crux of the issues”.
Daniel Pluck
One Source Assistant Director of Change

Partner Testimonials

"Triple Value Impact certainly live up to their name and that’s one of the reasons that we’re delighted to be working with them. Their knowledge and understanding of the key issues of today is second to none and youccan see why they are considered thought leaders, especially in Local Government. They understand that there’s a lot to consider in digital transformation today. From building the digital infrastructure - including cloud transformation, IT and data management and implementation - not every organisation gets the complexity of what is involved in doing transformation right but Triple Value do and make sure to pass that insight on to their customers. Additionally, they look beyond just the tech offering. When they work with clients they are thinking about the best model for working, how it’s going to impact staff and so on. In essence, they understand the importance of digital technologies and the role it’s going to play in the future. They have an incredibly holistic and strategic viewpoint of the sectors they work in. From an 8x8 perspective that’s incredibly important because we want our partners to truly understand the benefits of what our products and offerings can do for a company - Triple Value Impact certainly understand that.”
Emily Masterson
8x8 RVP Channel Sales EMEA
“itelligent-i are delighted to partner with TVI. Their ambitions to provide value added services that tackle the challenges at the heart of Local Government is very much aligned to itelligent-i’s values. Local Government is going through major change as social challenges become more complex and the cost to serve increases. Efficient action is required to progress and change as the speed required and itelligent-I’s analytics supports councils to understand their environment and citizens they provide support to. TVI and itelligent-i are exceptionally well positioned to support Local Governments digital ambitions and bringing our areas of expertise together under TVI’s Digital Blueprint enhances the value returned to our customers”
Tim Windsor
itelligent-i CEO
“"This is an exciting partnership for iOpt. We haven't come across another consultant that has the breadth of knowledge and understanding of the social housing sector. The due diligence TVI has carried out, on the requirements of social housing landlords from a technological perspective to allow them to operate more effectively and generate savings, is extraordinary.”
Emma Blackmore
iOpt Head of Client Engagement
“"Policy in Practice is proud to partner with TVI - they share our passion and absolute focus on delivering value to local authorities and their residents”
Deven Ghelani
Policy in Practice Director
“Triple Value Impact helps councils to ‘get transformation done’. Rapidly. Govtech is delighted to be its ‘best of breed’ partner for off-the-shelf digital automation in Revenues and Benefits.”
Andrew Melvin
Govtech Managing Director
“Ampliforce is delighted to partner with Triple Value Impact because of its unique ability to uncover, unlike any other consultancy firm, truly transformative outcomes for local authorities and its citizens. Leveraging TVI’s blueprints, Ampliforce digital workers are designed to collaborate with local authority personnel to dramatically improve the overall delivery of citizen services”
Marco Buchbinder
Ampliforce Chief Executive Officer

Would you like to discuss how we can support you, or have a specific project or service in mind? We would love to hear from you.